Some rules for guests of our hostel.

The main rule of our hostel: your rest shall not disturb others rest.

If you come late at night or got up early in the morning when everyone else is asleep, try to make as little noise as possible. Do not slam doors. If possible, do not use the toilet and shower, which work through the pump - it is noisy and disturbs sleep. The shower in the bathroom and WC in the corridor is preferred in this case.

  If you had a good rest in the bar - go to sleep quickly, do not distract others from their dreams.

If you conduct yourself - everyone will be happy!

Rooms & Prices


Our homy hostel has four rooms

About Us

about us

Our Right Place hostel is located in right place - 7 minutes from Moscow train station, and 4 minutes from metro station Ploschad' Vosstanya



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